The Embassy and Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Vienna


H.E. Manizha Bakhtari is a diplomat, lecturer, and author. She was formerly Afghanistan’s Ambassador to Nordic Countries (2009-2015) and served as the Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kabul (2007-2009).

Prior to her diplomatic career, Ms. Bakhtari was renowned for her work on gender advocacy in the non-profit sector, namely with the Cooperation Center for Afghanistan. During her time there, she traveled across Afghanistan, aiming to implement global gender equality standards and raise awareness.

Ms. Bakhtari received her bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Kabul University and her master’s degree from the university’s Persian Literature Department. She later served as a lecturer at her alma mater.

Ms. Bakhtari has published hundreds of academic and journalistic articles, as well as seven academic books. Her most notable books, Jahan-e Delangize Khabar and Akhalq wa Huquq dar journalism, were previously used as textbooks in the Journalism Faculty of Kabul University, and encompass her analysis on reporting methods in news media and her research on journalistic ethics and regulations. Ms. Bakhtari also writes fiction. Her short stories are often centered around the experiences of women and the socio-cultural dynamics of the Afghan society.

In recent years, Ms. Bakhtari took up social work with the Salvation Army and Ishtar Women’s Resource Society in Vancouver, Canada where she employed harm reduction policies to resolve issues of homelessness, poverty, addiction, and domestic violence.

Ms. Bakhtari is married to Naser Hotaki. They have four children Mariam Hotaki, Mustafa Kamal Hotaki, Nosheen Hotaki, and Parnian Hotaki.

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